Grade Gelding

Born: 2011

Arrival: February 2019

Proud Hidalgo was surrendered with Mimi and their filly, Bambi, and was undernourished when he arrived. We have worked to build up his weight and teach him ground exercises.

Since his time with us he’s learned many things. He is a pleasure to halter, will walk up to you and lower his head, and has learned to lead very easily.  We are working on Hidalgo’s lunging skills, but he ground ties very well and gets through an obstacle course with ease.

He currently has shoes on his front feet as he was a little tender footed.  With his new shoes, he loves walking around the ranch and posing…and he’s sure a looker when he does it!  He also likes to turn heads by jogging along with you on a lead line at a very calm pace in step with yours. 

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