ADOPTED June 2019

Registered Arabian Gelding

DOB: 2007

Arrival: May 2018

Exclusive Monthly Sponsor: Gina M.

Matteo is a sweet-natured, curious, affectionate horse, full of willingness, pride and energy.  He is easy to halter, lead, lunge, load, and works well with the farrier.

He is currently improving his skills under saddle and is being ridden in a western saddle with a snaffle bit. He’s very soft in the face and knows how to give well to bit pressure, both left and right, and he flexes at the poll. He also knows leg pressure, how to stop and back well, and a bit of neck reining.

Matteo has a very smooth and controlled trot and lope. Though he’s very spooky on the trail, he would make an ideal arena and English show horse. Because of his high energy, he may need to be lunged before riding.

Even though he’s trained under saddle, Matteo will require an advanced rider.