Limit (Sky’s the Limit)

Grade Gelding

Born: 1987

Arrival: April 2017

Limit arrived at the ranch severely emaciated and in need of 24-hour care.  After much love and effort from staff and volunteers, he has recovered nicely and is doing wonderfully. 

He leads well, knows round pen work, loads in trailer, stands well when tied and is good with the farrier. He’s also being ridden in a western saddle and snaffle bit and has quickly demonstrated that he knows how to stand quietly while mounting, respond to direct pressure, stop/back well, and softly give his face left/right.

Due to his advanced age, Limit needs to be ridden lightly. But despite his senior level status, he still has a lot of go and likes to move out at the walk. He’d make a perfect arena or trail horse for any level rider who is looking to take it easy on flat trails.

Because of his age, he is fed a soft diet three times a day.

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