Liberty and Kathleen

Liberty came to our ranch in June 2013 with several buddies, and they were all very emaciated. Despite her condition, Liberty was a quiet soul and liked to just hang out. As a volunteer at the ranch, I decided I would keep my eye on her.

In 2015, I was at the ranch one day and felt like someone was calling for me. I didn’t hear anything, but I saw Liberty in her paddock staring intently at me. I went to see her and immediately noticed something was off. The herd in her paddock was shunning her for some reason. I kept checking on her for a couple of months, and she just didn’t seem to get better. I decided then that Liberty needed to come home with me and my herd of three, and I would do what I could to make her life better.

When Liberty came to my house, she was so weak and 100 pounds underweight. A vet diagnosed her with severe neurological deficits and a weak back end. Within six months, Liberty was a different girl thanks to regular chiropractic work, massage, oils, and nutritional supplements. She also eventually learned to allow farriers to work on her feet, which is a major accomplishment for her.

This beautiful girl had a long road to getting well, but she finally got there.  A wonderful friend of mine had come to visit Liberty several times. She soon fell in love and adopted her in July 2017, along with my other ranch foster horse, Kasi.  Both horses are now more spoiled than when they were with me. It was such a happy ending for this gracious, loving spirit who filled my heart with such joy.

The one thing to add to this success story is the wonderful ability for anyone to foster horses from Walkin N Circles Ranch. I have been lucky to have fostered three horses from the ranch, and all of them have gone to magnificent forever homes. They have all taught me so much, and the love I’ve gotten in return is immeasurable.  I am truly a blessed person.

Meet Kathleen