Ace & Ashley

Ace came to WNCR as a yearling in 2013.  According to the stories I heard around the ranch, he was a very spirited boy who didn't want human company, and gaining his trust didn't come easily.  But, he was strikingly beautiful, and many people took interest.  However, a true connection was what he needed; someone who wouldn't give up on him when his Mustang spirit showed through. 

I met Ace in the summer of 2016.  At first, I was leery that he was too young and appeared to want nothing to do with me.  I spent the first few months just mucking his paddock and letting him get used to me without expectation. One day I spent two hours doing nothing but standing... and so did he.  He seemed to be thinking, "is she going to get my hopes up then leave me?"  After this day, things appeared to move ever so slowly toward a relationship of trust and love.  We started with haltering, grooming sessions and walking around the ranch.  Soon, he started looking forward to this strange "two legged's" visits.  Ace realized I wasn't going anywhere, even on the bad days of spirited defiance. I still showed up the next day or next weekend to be with him.  He started to realize that he didn't have to be the leader anymore when I was around.  He found a leader in me that he could trust.  

Soon we were lunging in the round pen and learning how to communicate and "dance" with each other.  Even though there were things he was scared of, he knew his "two legs" would not do anything to intentionally hurt him.  As long as I was there, he would be as safe as could be. 

Not only did I change Ace's life, he changed mine forever.  It was because of Ace that my family and I decided to uproot our entire lives and move to the ranch so I could accept the Caretaker position at WNCR.  I wanted to be closer to him.  I also wanted to be able to help others in similar situations. Not only has he gotten over a lot of fears he previously had, but he now works at the Ranch!  This place that was supposed to be an "in between" stop for him has become our home.  

Ace is now 5-years old and for the people that knew him when he was young, they are astonished to see what he is now capable of.  All it took was finding the right person.  Now he looks over his WNCR herd with great pride and loves having a job. He's still learning everyday and mistakes are part of that.  However, he now lives up to his utmost potential surrounded in support and safety.  He loves being ridden, working, and getting to know "his" two little girls (my daughters, Alice and Zandra).  He even has a horse brother named Lightning, whom my husband, Matt, also adopted from WNCR.  We can't think of a better life for us.  

Every day, I'm glad Ace and I found each other.  He is my forever horse.