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Ranch Support

  • Support can include mucking; grounds upkeep; feeding and watering; building maintenance (construction/plumbing/ electrical); maintaining and driving farm equipment and trailers; administrative/office work; or volunteering at our thrift store.

  • Must complete volunteer orientation.

Level 1-2* Horse Handling (White beginner badge)

  • Ranch hands who wish to work with horses of any level must first successfully complete volunteer orientation and Horse Handling 101 and 102. For class details and to register, click here. After completion, ranch hands earn the right to handle Level 1 and 2 horses.

Level 1-5* Horse Handling (Orange novice badge)

  • Prerequisites: Volunteer Orientation and Horse Handling 101 and 102. Ranch hands wishing to handle any level horse must successfully complete these classes.

    • Rhythm and Respect 101 – learn about predator vs prey relationships, pressure and release for successful haltering, joining up, and more.

    • Rhythm and Respect 102 – demonstrate skills learned in Rhythm and Respect 101.

Groundwork Training and Riding (Purple advanced badge)

  • Prerequisites: Horse Handling 101/102 and Rhythm and Respect 101/102. After completion, ranch hands earn the right to groundwork (lunge) any level of horse.

    • Round Pen 101 - learn successful lunging using pressure and release and joining up techniques.

    • Round Pen 102 - demonstrate skills learned in Round Pen 101.

  • To ride any ranch horse, ranch hands must successfully complete all training and assessments listed above, as well as a personal riding assessment with the ranch's head trainer. Permission to ride may be given by the head trainer or management team.

*Horse level descriptions

Check the ranch office for the most current status of each rescue horse.

Level 1:  Allows you to easily halter, groom, clean hooves, and walk around the ranch.  Can perform light groundwork. 
Level 2:  Similar to Level 1 but can perform routine groundwork and may be slightly more difficult to catch.
Level 3:  May be more difficult to catch, halter, groom and clean hooves.  Spooks easier. Pushes boundaries. 
Level 4:  Much harder to catch, halter, groom and clean hooves. Usually spooks and pushes boundaries.
Level 5:  Generally cannot be haltered.  

Note: Some horses may not be able to perform certain tasks due to health issues regardless of level.  Inquire with trainer for more information.

Register for a training class

Call the ranch office at (505) 286-0779 for upcoming dates.