Lauren Garrity


Lauren began volunteering at the ranch in 2016; she had recently left a high-stress position, and was looking for something that would be calming and allow her to spend time with animals. As a child, she was heavily involved in 4-H, and felt that she was missing that connection as an adult. Naively, she thought working with horses would be helpful as she’d be less tempted to take one home. Little did she know, while she hasn’t adopted yet, she’s seriously considering it! She began volunteering as a member of the feed team, and eventually became a board member in 2017.

Lauren has a long history with nonprofit organizations; in fact, that’s all she’s ever worked for. She began her career as a caseworker in New York City, then became an immigration attorney specializing in humanitarian cases. She’s found that there is more similarity than one would think in working with trauma in both animals and people, and has really enjoyed her time getting to know the world of animal rescue. When not working or out at the ranch, Lauren is a compulsive traveler and has been lucky enough to live in several different countries and visit many more. She also loves to be outdoors and to spend time with her own menagerie, which includes dogs, chickens, cats and bees.

(Lauren is pictured with Ruby, a sweet mare who is awaiting her forever home.)