Diana Boyd

Diana has been involved with the ranch for several years as a volunteer who enjoys mucking and feeding. Over time, she was asked to work with a horse named Promesa, that was getting very little attention. Although Diana has been involved with horses since she was quite young in a variety of capacities, she credits Promesa for teaching her how to do groundwork and basic skills necessary for starting a horse. Since then, she has been asked to work with other horses and takes great joy in seeing each one adopted, including Promesa who was adopted in 2018.

Diana has worked in Special Education for over 30 years and is currently employed as an Educational Diagnostician. In the 1990s, she and her husband housed a therapeutic horsemanship program and helped initiate one of the original Special Olympic equestrian teams. After living in Wyoming for 12 years, they moved back to New Mexico and found the Walkin N Circles Ranch a unique way to get involved and nurture their love of horses. Diana joined the board in 2019.

(Diana is pictured with Misty, a sweet mare who is awaiting her forever home.)