Charlyn Hudson


Charlyn has been involved with Walkin N Circles Ranch since 2013 when she and her daughter, Stella, attended orientation on a very cold, windy, March day. They’ve been mucking paddocks and stalls, one of the many chores one can do as a volunteer, ever since. She joined the board in 2015, served as Vice President from 2016-19, and was elected to President in 2019.

Charlyn quickly fell in love with a beautiful black mare named Indigo (pictured) seized by the NM Livestock Board.  She adopted her two years later. Her full time job is as a NM/CO sales rep for a biogenomic laboratory; she’s been in the diagnostic lab industry for nine years.

Charlyn is a busy mother whose dedication and positive approach makes her a shining star in equine rescue.  She brings a wealth of warmth to the ranch and horses.  She devotes much of her time teaching new volunteers, planning events, and managing the daily operations of the organization. When she is not working or volunteering at the ranch, you will find her taking her daughter to swim meets or riding Indigo along the Bosque.

Phone: (505) 328-0140

Charlyn and Indigo's story